Relevant Legislation

The first Directive on bathing water quality was issued by the EEC in 1976. This is Directive 76/160/ΕEC "on the quality of bathing water" which set the minimum quality criteria to be met by bathing water. The Directive is of great importance as its application thereof was accompanied by significant improvement in bathing water quality.

The progress of EU environmental policy in a way that enhances the role of constantly evolving science and consciously participates in achieving environmental objectives as well as the need for active participation of stakeholders, as part of an open process, for the development and implementation of legislation called for the revision of Directive 76/160/EEC. The revision of Directive of 1976 led to issuing the new Directive 2006/7/ΕC concerning the management of bathing water quality. The new Directive covers the need for an integrated approach to water protection, in agreement with the general philisophy that the Framework Directive 2000/60/ΕC. This new approach includes, in addition to establishing specific targets for water quality, implementation of appropriate measures for direct management, thus enabling further improvements in water quality. The new Directive on bathing water is closely intertwined with Directive 2000/60/EC, as in fact is one of its daughter Directives and concerns the monitoring of water quality in bathing areas and addressing sources of pollution. These pollution sources are identified and addressed in the river basin management draft provided for in Directive 2000/60/EC.

The Greek legislation has been harmonized to Directive 2006/7/EC by the JMD 8600/416/Ε103/2009 (GG 356Β’/26-2-2009) on the management of bathing water quality and annulment of Directive 76/160 / EEC. The main purpose, as described in Article 1 of the JMD 8600/416/E103/2009, relates to the adoption of appropriate management measures and ensuring compliance with quality standards to achieve the conservation, protection and improvement of bathing water quality and ensure protection of public health. In particular, through the JMD 8600/416/E103/2009 measures, conditions, processes and procedures are instituted relating to monitoring and classification of bathing water quality, managing bathing water quality and providing public information on quality bathing water.

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