2021 Report

The 2021 report provides an assessment of bathing water quality on the basis of a statistical analysis, according to the provisions of article 4 and Annex I of the Directive 2006/7/EC, for the set of bathing water quality data compiled for 2021 in relation to that bathing season and the three preceding bathing seasons (2018‐2020).


Bathing Water Profiles & Blue Flags

The Bathing Water Profiles, prepared by the Special Secretariat for Water (SSW), represent the official designation of bathing waters at national level. The Profiles, the results of the Programme for the Monitoring of Bathing Waters and the quality evaluation of bathing water by the MEECC are published annually and sent to the European Union, as the official position of Greece.

The "BLUE FLAGS" Programme is an initiative of the international organization Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education), represented in Greece by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN). The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature cooperates with the MEECC and in particular makes use of officially published results of the monitoring Programme of SSW for the participation of coastal management stakeholders in the international volunteer program "BLUE FLAGS". 387 coasts and 9 marinas have been awarded the Blue Flag for the year 2011, based on the evaluation of the 2010 results.

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